Clients and Cases

We have worked with a wide variety of Conventions, Seminars, Workshops and Media Relations groups.

Clients include:
• Wal-Mart    • Wells Fargo Bank    • Foster Farms    • Logitech    •
• Prudential California Realty    • Seagate    • American Cancer Society    • Hewlett-Packard
• The American Bar Association    • Chevron    • Parliament of New Zealand
• The U.S. Coast Guard    • C.A.R.E.    • SEMI    • Rotary International    • The San Francisco Institute
• United Technologies Aerospace Systems    • Associated Press
• California Dietetic Association     • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
• San Francisco Conservatory of Music    • Amoco    • BNP Pariba International Banking

I was the lead trainer for 500 American Cancer Society spokespersons and volunteers.
I trained product and media relations managers for in preparation for product launches.
Oracle's annual conference of public relations professionals asked me to speak to them about the company's public image and media perception. This was at a time of great concern during Oracle's hostile takeover of PeopleSoft and the resulting federal civil trial. Oracle won the case.
I am regularly called by Logitech to train their product managers and department heads in the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong.
Hewlett-Packard invited me to speak to their world public relations managers about media coverage of major technical events, beginning with the concern over Y2K.
I was featured member of an American Bar Association panel examining the legal profession's response to airline disasters.
Chevron invited me regularly to speak about world media to their managers, both domestic and international.
I have trained dozens of doctors, nurses, and administrators for Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, one of the premier health care institutions in the Bay Area. These clients regularly appeared in national and local media on topics including steroids in athletics, drug addictions by celebrities, anthrax, flu epidemics, AIDS and health care costs.
SEMI invites high school students to High Tech U for an exciting look inside the high tech industry. I produce informational videos for SEMI's various projects.