Media Training

This is about making you confident, complete and convincing when you address the media. Let one of the industry's best interviewers show you how to win. This is not about spin, You will know how the media works, why reporters ask the questions they do, how to make sure the reporter gets your message, how to control the interview, and how to be comfortable in the process. Experts say the fear of public speaking is at the top of the "dread" list. We will take that fear off your list entirely. Your workshop interviews take place in a genuine broadcast setup. We use production level High Definition cameras, professional lights, wireless microphones and broadcast equipment. You receive all workshop study materials and a dvd of your on camera experience for later study and review. See some examples of sessions.

Video Production

We shoot with all High Definition cameras. Regardless of how your video will be presented, DVD, big screen, download, you know it will start out with the best image possible. My decades of experience developing, producing, writing, announcing and presenting news and documentaries are brought to every corporate video project. Product announcements, training videos, or simply to document a company event, we will make it, and you, look your best. See a five minute informational video for the SEMI Foundation of Silicon Valley.

Teleprompter Training

Now or soon you will be using a speech prompter. Whether it be during a corporate video or giving a major speech, you will surely use this valuable tool. Are you still nosediving at the podium, trying to make contact with the audience but terrified of losing your place in your text? Are you like most senior executives who often deliver addresses written by staff? The prompter is your conduit to your audience. You literally look through it to the people you are addressing. With years of prompter experience, in studio and on the road, I can make you comfortable and confident with this marvelous communications tool.

Speech and Presentation Coaching

"Oh no, not another PowerPoint." You won't hear that after we improve your presentation, on the screen and in your voice. Whether you use PowerPoint or Apple's cool Keynote, we will make it, and you, better. Starting with the 4-5-6 rule of presentations, we work with you on what you show, what you say, and how you say it.

Drone Video Production

"When you REALLY need that shot from the air." FAA Licensed, registered and insured.
Greg Lefevre brings you decades of News, Commercial, Motion Picture and Industrial Production Expertise.
With gregdrones, custom tailored drone cinematography is now available in San Diego.
HiDef, 4K and 5K Aerial Photography, we are FAA Licensed, registered, and insured. The very latest in flexible and effective aerial imagery.
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